Arabs in Blockchain Partnership

We are excited to announce Taxir’s first partnership with our friends at Arab’s in Blockchain initiative. Arabs in Blockchain is an Egypt-based initiative centered around facilitating blockchain adoption through educational content and events, and organizing Arabs Blockchain Week, the biggest blockchain networking event in the Middle East and North Africa.

This partnership will coordinate efforts between Arabs in Blockchain on one side, and our research and public goods center Tafkir on the other. The partnership announcement came after over a month of exchanging emails, contacts, concept drafts and video calls, through which we have kicked of collaborative works on many exciting fronts. Let’s give you a sneak peak of what’s cooking in our kitchen:

  • Educational Track

Arabs in Blockchain have been spearheading MENA’s most serious effort to bring blockchain knowledge to Arab universities, through organizing a curated tour of blockchain experts from around the globe, visiting varying colleges and presenting tailored lectures to our regional specification.

Tafkir is proud to offer assistance to the Education Track by offering networking assistance and consultancy on blockchain media training. Our collaboration has already brought to the table a partner from Tunisia that will expand the track’s path to Tunisian colleges. The track, as designed today, will pass through Tunisia, Egypt, KSA, UAE and Lebanon, other Arab countries will be added soon.

  • Arab Blockchain Glossary

Since the beginning of the year, Tafkir has been establishing a network of institutions and individuals active in the field of translating blockchain to Arabic, to join forces in developing a unified glossary for blockchain-related terms in Arabic.

The network today is four institutions big and expanding, we will be revealing more names soon, but we are proud to have Arabs in Blockchain as a first public partner, as they can bring to the table their expertise in translating Ethereum to Arabic.

  • Arabs Blockchain Week

Last year, Arabs in Blockchain in collaboration with UAE-based Al Bareza have joined efforts in organizing the first Arab Blockchain Week, MENA’s biggest blockchain networking and panels event to day. Arabs in Blockchain are in the process of the organizing the second round of the week later this year (2022), and Tafkir is happy to take part as a panelist, as well as offering networking and other forms of assistance.

This is a glimpse at our collaboration, and we can’t wait to share with you new updates from these projects and other ones.

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