Explore The New Virtual Exhibition That Welcomed Rejected Artworks

Palestinian art curator and researcher, and Taxir member, Adele Jarrar, has recently launched a new virtual exhibition titled “We are sorry to inform you that”, taking a look at rejected artworks, that have been denied a chance to appear in the ‘White Cube’, or public art spaces. All artworks were previously rejected from public display, and all submitted artworks to this exhibition were accepted.

Adele uses the concept of an exhibition as a tool to question and disrupt the idea of rejection and exclusion in today’s art world. She also turns the exhibition into an event that gives stage to rejected artworks that usually turn into ‘dark matter’.

In the curatorial statement, Adele notes that:

“Some works look ultimately refreshing to the point make you wonder: why did the white cube deprive us of it? And some others look exactly like any ‘successful’ work which made it to the white cube. Thereby it makes one wonder why these were deprived of the white cube. It is a question of deprivation in both directions.”

The exhibition is divided into three spaces, titled: Of Disappearance, The Colors that Didn’t Make It, and Underrepresented Media. It is hosted by New Art City platform, and you can explore it through any internet browser.

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