The Platform Behind Lebanon’s First NFT Conference

Lebanese NFT artists have cleared their schedules for the 20th of September, as the anticipate the country’s first large scale NFT conference and exhibition, taking place in Empire Cinema near Sodeco square in Beirut. The event, titled NFT LB, will showcase the works of 23 local and regional NFT artists, and will provide a rare opportunity for networking and collaboration between the region’s dispersed NFT scenes. Attending NFT LB is free, and you can book your tickets here.

The event is also celebrating the launch of Lebanese NFTs platform, OasisX, which is the lead organizer of NFT LB. OasisX a curated multichain NFT marketplace (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon), backed by a creator’s studio that enable artists to release collections of generative art NFTs without prior knowledge in smart contracts.

OasisX will be an addition to the Arab NFT scene, alongside initiatives like B. Hive and Voronoiz in Lebanon, and Wizara on MENA level. Interest in NFT creation and trading has risen in Lebanon last year as an alternative source of income in an economically struggling country. But the crypto and NFT markets retreat this year, people are exploring more sustainable ways of participating in the scene, such as building and developing infrastructural projects.

The emergence of local NFT marketplaces like OasisX came in response to fears of exclusion, after the world’s leading NFT marketplace, Opensea, became banned in Lebanon, and potentially other Arab countries, sometime last year.

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