Join Taxir Exploring Decentraland’s Metaverse

Starting last July, The Taxir Initiative has kicked off a long lasting line of collaboration with Decentraland, the largest decentralized metaverse in the world, to increase the platform’s presence in MENA’s blockchain and gaming communities. Decentraland is a virtual world established in 2020 on the Ethereum blockchain, consisting of virtual lands that you can buy or rent to build a game, exhibition or any other virtual business. Decentraland is governed by DAO that allows its users and investors to vote on the project’s future.

We started working on a short series of 5 educational videos in Arabic (two are already published) that goes through the basics of metaverses in general and Decentraland in particular, and how can users interact or even make money within this vivid environment. The series also covers the most prominent events and concerts hosted by Decentraland, as well as what are some of the projects that big companies around the globe are building in the metaverse.

In parallel to the series, one of Taxir’s family, Moustafa Sbeity, has joined The DCL Report, which is a news wire dedicated to covering Decentraland from within, through live streams and video reports. Moustafa held his first weekly stream with The DCL Report last Thursday, and will be exploring Decentraland live on Twitch every Thursday night at 7 pm Beirut time. Follow Moustafa on Twitch to join his next stream.

Lastly, Taxir will be soon organizing its own tours in Decentraland … in ARABIC! Where gamers and curious heads can join our team exploring the districts, games and projects being built within Decentraland, and win wearables that they can use with their avatars.

If you like to find out more or join our metaverse explorations, come meet us at our Discord server. Taxir is waiting!

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