NFTTY Partnership

Taxir is excited today to announce our new and open partnership with NFTTY, a MENA-focused NFTs marketplace built on the Tezos blockchain. NFTTY, which means ‘my own NFT’ in Arabic, will be officially launched in less than two months.

NFTTY is one of the leading representatives of Tezos ecosystem in MENA, and Taxir will be turning to NFTTY for consultations and collaborations on dApps and Web3 projects development on the Tezos blockchain. In the same line, Taxir will assist NFTTY building a stronger presence for Tezos in the region, by leveraging El Salon, Taxir’s virtual meeting space for serious blockchain projects in MENA.

On the other side, Taxir will share with NFTTY its hard earned expertise in the fields of networking, research and media. Taxir will also consider NFTTY for launching future crowdfunding campaigns in the form of NFT collection. Lastly, Taxir will join NFTTY’s efforts in creating a stronger foothold in MENA’s blockchain sphere.

Follow Taxir and NFTTY on social media to learn more on the future of this partnership!

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