4 Egyptian and Tunisian Musicians Take Their First Steps in Web3

Yesterday, we learnt about a new collaboration between music NFTs platform Catalog, and art curator Sarah Miniawy from Simsara agency, to release the first patch of NFTs produced by 4 Arab musicians taking their first step in Web3.

Catalog is a platform for minting and selling music NFTs, launched in 2021 and witnessed over $3M in transactions value since then. The platform has recently announced a new curatorial series inviting curators from around the world to invite pioneering musicians from their communities. The series, titled Curation Cycles, was kicked off with this collaboration with Sarah Miniawy.

Sarah has worked with Arab alternative and independent musicians across the past few years, through her agency Simsara which provides PR services and career management. Through her work, Sarah came in contact with hundreds of talents from MENA’s contemporary, electronic and rap scenes.

For this project, Sarah picked three names from Egypt, including singer / songwriter Nadah El Shazly, known for her globally-renowned debut and her magnificent live performances; ZULI, one of the founders of Cairo electronic scene through his wide ranging work through the past decade and a half, and 3Phaz, a producer with a quasi-cult followership in the Arab underground. From Tunisia, Sarah featured Ratchopper, a producer and musician known for his remarkable influence on Tunisia’s rap and alternative pop scenes.

The NFTs will be launched next Wednesday, and the launch will be accompanied with a panel held through a Twitter space at 7 pm Tunis time / 8 pm Cairo time.

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