Taxir is Curating 6 Months of Activities for Decentraland’s Arab Users

Late last year, Taxir has signed a contract with Decentraland DAO, the decentralized autonomous organization behind the world’s leading decentralized metaverse platform, to launch an educative community campaign targeting Arab users. The campaign includes launching a channel for the Arab community on Decentraland’s Discord server, where a series of weekly competitions, giveaways and other activities will be held.

Decentraland is a multi-purpose metaverse platform, where investors and developers can buy land lots and build all sort of experiences on them, like art galleries, cinemas, games, night clubs and others. Being a decentralized platform, Decentralized is managed by its DAO, which brings together investors and users and developers from all fields and regions to lead the development of the platform. Our partnership is aimed at increasing Arab representation in Decentraland, whether they are developers, gamers, builders or fashion and scenes designers.

Beside the activities on Discord, the partnership will include the production of educational videos on Decentraland and the metaverse, 7 of which have been released so far. Publishing an onboarding booklet with a list of 30 Points of Interest that we love. And organizing a virtual art exhibition featuring leading Arab NFT artists.

Join us on the Arabic channel on Decentraland’s server to follow our next activities, and to get a chance at winning NFTs, wearables, emotes, MANA, and to lear more on the metaverse and its leading platform. Taxir’s squad is waiting for you 🙂

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