Join Algorand’s New Global Hackathon ‘Build a Bull’

The Algorand foundation has recently announced a 4-weeks global hackathon, inviting builders from around the world to develop product ideas on their blockchain. Winners will share a prize pool of $200K plus bonuses.

The hackathon is divided into 5 tracks, each tackling a different aspect of blockchain technology, and sponsored by a leading organization in the field. The DeFi track, sponsored by Circle (USDC) focuses on fintech and decentralized finance, while the Impact track, sponsored by Alogrand Foundation encourages developing blockchain protocols that solve real-world problems. The other three tracks resolve around Consumer Technology, Interoperability and Gamine, and are respectively sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Wormhole and Unity.

The top three winners of each track will receive $25K, $10K and $5K rewards. The first winner of each track will also qualify to additional prizes ($15K in total) while presenting their projects as a part of the Grand Prize demo day.

The hackathon will take place virtually between Oct 18th – Nov 15th. You can register to participate through this link.

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