NFT Collection to Support Pediatric Cancer Patients in Lebanon

The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is preparing to launch a fundraising campaign called “Gift For Life” using an NFT collection of drawings and artworks produced by children receiving treatment at the center. The campaign is organized in collaboration with Arab NFT platform OasisX, and will kick off on Wednesday, February 7.

The CCCL is an NGO dedicated to treating and supporting children and adolescents with cancer in Lebanon, both Lebanese and others. The organization was founded in 2002, and today is responsible for treating half of the cancer cases in Lebanon among patients aged between a few months to 18 years old. Over the years, the center has treated 5,000 children with a recovery rate of 80%.

The center relies primarily on donations to cover its operating costs, which currently amount to $15 million. But due to the Israeli war on Gaza last October, the center had to cancel most fundraising events during that period, causing a $4 million budget deficit.

In response, the center partnered with NFT platform OasisX to launch an NFT collection for fundraising and raising awareness about the center’s activities and pediatric cancer. The collection consists of artworks and drawings produced by the children, documenting different stages of their treatment journey during their stay at the center, and portraying the resilience, dreams and emotions of the children.

You can support the campaign in various ways, by acquiring one of the artworks, promoting the campaign on social media, providing web3 technical support to the center, organizing virtual events like Spaces on X (formerly Twitter) to spread awareness, or sending donations directly to the center’s official Ethereum wallet by using the following address:

If interested to learn more, you can join the campaign launch event on X platform on Wednesday at 8PM Beirut time through this link.

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