New Investment in Moroccan Web3 Company, Tookeez

The Moroccan web3 company Tookeez recently announced securing a $1.5 million funding round, led by the Azur Innovation Fund. The new investment will enable the Moroccan company to expand its market across Africa and the Arab region, in addition to developing its blockchain-based platform.

Tookeez is a company developing a specialized crypto wallet app for customer loyalty programs. Users can open a wallet on the app and accumulate loyalty points from a wide network of different companies and brands in the same wallet.

The app also allows trading loyalty points between different companies’ programs among users, enabling a user to consolidate their scattered points in specific programs they wish to benefit from.

Siham Elmejjad, CEO and co-founder of Tookeez, said the company aims to reach 4 million users by 2028 to provide an integrated ecosystem for customer loyalty programs in Africa.

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