#Art4Sudan Campaign Launches on Solana This Friday

A group of NFT artists on the Solana blockchain are preparing to launch the #Art4Sudan campaign, consisting of a collection of artworks in various mediums, aimed at raising donations for several initiatives assisting those impacted by the armed conflict in Sudan.

The campaign organizer, Sudanese artist and curator Rayan Elnayal, told us that the campaign features the participation of 28 different artists who contributed paintings, drawings, and photographs, most of which heavily utilize the color blue – a nod to the 2019 social media campaign “Blue for Sudan” that emerged in commemoration of Mohamed Mattar and other victims of the Khartoum massacre that year.

The collection will drop on the Solana NFT marketplace Exchange.Art this upcoming Friday. Rayan says the campaign is considered the first Web3 initiative responding to the humanitarian tragedy in Sudan.

It’s worth noting that over the past year, we’ve seen campaigns supporting similar causes, such as aiding earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria, and later in Morocco, as well as those impacted by the war on Gaza – most of those were based on the Tezos blockchain.

Since the armed conflict began in Sudan a year ago, 8.1 million people have been displaced, 19 million children forced out of schools, and 25 million face severe food insecurity. Due to the conflict, marginalized groups like the people of Darfur have become even more vulnerable and at risk, especially amid ethnic cleansing campaigns.

The cover image is by Brazilian artist CECHK.

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