IRC Receives Crypto Donations to Support Gaza

Earlier this year, the International Rescue Committee announced its partnership with two organizations in the cryptocurrency and fintech sectors, enabling it to receive cryptocurrency donations to support its efforts in the Gaza Strip, specifically supporting the Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) NGO, which operates an emergency medical team in Gaza providing crucial life-saving healthcare and supplying essential medical supplies.

The first partnership was with Ethereum domain service provider ENS, which provided the International Rescue Committee with the irc.eth address to facilitate sending donations to them. The second partnership was with Endaoment, which facilitates donating cash, cryptocurrencies, and stocks, while providing tax deductions for donors.

Thanks to these collaborations, the International Rescue Committee will be able to receive donations on layer-2 networks such as Optimism and Base, significantly reducing the cost of sending donations and ensuring that the maximum amount of the original donation reaches the beneficiaries. This will enable many people from different financial backgrounds to donate to the committee in ways that were not previously available.

Commenting on this collaboration, Nick Johnson, founder of ENS, said: “The IRC is doing vital work for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I’m proud that ENS is able to support them in helping alleviate suffering at this crucial time, and demonstrate that ENS’s positive impact can extend beyond the sphere of crypto infrastructure.”

For his part, Robbie Heeger, President and CEO of Endaoment, said: “We’re happy to see the IRC leveraging on-chain technologies for fundraising efforts to help families in need in Gaza (…) We’re honored to help facilitate critical aid at this difficult time.” It is worth noting that Endaoment hosts 12 other active crowdfunding campaigns from various Palestinian initiatives in community and cultural sectors.

In addition to this initiative, we have followed various efforts over the past months to support the people of Gaza through crypto donations, including a campaign by the activist Kat (Katalunia), which collects Ethereum donations to fund the evacuation of those affected in Gaza to Egypt through the Rafah crossing. You can review this initiative through this link. We disclose that Taxir has not vetted this initiative.

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